shorten note duration problem with tuplet


Trying to use the Shorten Duration command with Insert mode engaged gives me unexpected results with quintuplets in this case.
Look at the result if I apply this to the first measure…
Is there something else I am missing here ?


What is your desired aim? Quintuplet 16ths/semiwuavers? One 16ths/semi followed by a load of syncopated eighths/quavers?

Quintuplet 16ths
I understand that halve duration does that right ?

I’m guessing that (albeit 9 months on), this still applies:

With Insert mode on, delete all the tuplets. Then shorten the notes. Then add the tuplet brackets again (by selecting the first note, hitting ; then typing 5:4 Enter. Rinse and repeat).

oh… ok.
well then I’ll do that.
Hope for a fix though.