Shorten staves with mouse dragging?


I sometimes like to shorten staves, let’s say over only half the page.
I understand that I can move them by key command. It just takes a very long time.
Ist there a way to draw the end of a staff with the mouse?

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Can you explain more about your use case? Are these lots of short examples?

Would using separate Flows, and allowing the final system to fall short (Layout Options > Note Spacing) be an appropriate choice?

I want to use it within one flow. Let’s say, I want to notate short licks. The Paul Desmond Lick has only two bars. I want to shorten this stave for optical reasons. I can do it by grabbing it and use alt, come, arrow, but it’s sort of slow that way. In Sibelius I can just grab the end of the stave with the mouse and move it.



Maybe you already know that but just in case… have you tried Ctrl/Cmd+alt/opt+arrow?

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Yes, we would like to make it possible to drag these handles with the mouse in a future version, but it’s not possible at the moment.

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Thank you!

Another way is to set the threshold for horizontally justifying the final systems of flows to be high (so most/all your flows’ final systems don’t span the full width of the page automatically), and then use note spacing changes starting from the beginning of each final system to adjust how widely-spaced those bars should be.

Thanks, but that is only for final systems, right?

Ah yes correct, I skim-read the double-barline in the middle of your picture as a final, sorry!

:+1: thanks