Shortening audio without timestretching?

When i drag to shorten my audiosamples there is allways some sort of timestretching effect happening to them. Is it possible to shorten the audio without having any timestretching effect happening?


How you wold like to shorten it, without stretching, please?

@skahall , It sounds like your object selection tool is set to “Sizing applies time stretch”.

If you click on the object selection tool at the top of the window you’ll see three options:

  • Normal sizing
  • Sizing moves contents
  • Sizing applies time stretch

Make sure you’re set to “Normal Sizing”.

By default , the key command #1 toggles between the three settings. Annoying.
A while back I stumbled on a preference to disable that toggling behavior.
Regretfully I can’t find it right now. So, for the time being simply make sure that you have the correct object selection behavior selected.

“Normal Sizing”


In this case, you would cut the audio.

My interpretation of the OPs question was that he was asking how to “trim” a file without time-stretch / compress.

Are you talking about this difference?


Set it to “normal sizing” and size in the lower-right corner.


Exactly. I suspect he had it on Sizing applies time stretch by accident.

RE toggling Object Selection modes:
I thought it was a preference but I guess it’s in the key commands /Tool / Object selection tool normal sizing.
Assign the #1 key to that NOT the one above it.
If “Object selection tool.” is assigned #1 it will toggle across the three options and it’s easy to accidentally select the wrong one.