Shortening or increasing the duration of notes in the key editor

Hi, I am having trouble shortening or increasing the duration of notes in the key editor. As you can see in the first video, if in Key Editor try to decrease or prolong the duration of the note, the program (cubase elements 11) creates a division, a sound interruption (please explain to me why that small protuberance of rectangle is created instead of the normal one)

. In the second video,as in the first you can see that in order to decrease the duration of the note I have to do it TWICE,an operation that required double production times,while in the final three attempts (always of the second video) I was successful, but 95% of the time it did not happened using Cubase 11 Elements

Could someone explain to me what I’m doing wrong?

It looks like you have duplicate Notes in the MIDI Part shown. Try selecting one of the Notes and moving it up a half-step - I bet you’ll find another one underneath. You can also verify if this is the case by opening the MIDI Part using the List Editor which will list both Notes if they are duplicated.

The good news is there is a Function that removes them

i created a new project and recorded from scratch and the problem is still here

This bug has always been there since the first install and it has caused me to double my production times,see the second video:

but this time I can no longer afford to waste so much time

I’m desperate and i can’t record my album and the ost for a movie.

Again this appears to be doubled MIDI Notes.

Can you please confirm if that is actually the case or not?

If so, this is typically the result of how you have configured your MIDI ports.

Can you post a screenshot of Studio>Studio Setup…>MIDI Port Setup
You may need to resize the Window to display all of the ports.

I confirm they are doubled midi notes(same note, same pitch, same duration). opened a completely new project in cubase, chose a vst and immediately changed “all midi input” to “SL-GRAND” (the master keyboard in question,Studiologic SL-88) but the overlapped notes problem persists

is there any chance that your controller master keyboard is in a mode that is sending the same notes simultaneously on two different midi channels?

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Good idea. The way to check would be to Select and move one of the doubled Notes to a different Pitch. Now you can Select each Note in the pair independently and see its Channel on the Info Line.

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I was having the same problem. On my Roland MKB200 When it is in Dual mode it was sending 2 notes out on the same channel.
On the Studiologic SL 88, check for overlapping Zones (i.e the same ‘Start’ and ‘End’ notes on two different Zones.

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