Shorter loop region?

I need to set the loop region to a time range that is around 1/4th of a second, basically very small. But I cannot seem to drag it smaller than maybe half a second, from whatever side I try it.
Can I do something to enable that?

Hi @Flavelius

What happens if you set the grid to “OFF”?


Hi, that’s the way I initially did it actually. Setting the grid to off makes it obvious, that there seems to be some minimum length.
I could understand that this may have been done to prevent the handles from overlapping for slightly better usability when zoomed out, but this creates the undesired length limitation as well. Maybe this clamping behaviour can be changed to actually only be in place when grid snapping is enabled, which it is by default, making it a good compromise.

Hi @Flavelius

If you’re trying to set the loop region in the “Audio Editor”, please note that the editors have their own toolbar, including “Snap Grid”. Is “Snap Grid” set to “OFF” in the “Audio Editor”?

If the problem persists, please let me have a short clip which shows the issue.


Interestingly, the audio editor doesn’t seem to be clamped, only the main track area.

Hi Flavelius,
Please see the attached photo :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi fixitmania53, I must confess that I don’t understand your post. When I disable looping and disable all snapping I still cannot shorten the looping region more than when I don’t do these steps.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking. I just tried it myself and you are right it is not possible to loop smaller than a 1/4 note, but why would you want to limit Cubasis to operate at such a tiny timescale, wouldn’t it be better to load your audio sample into Minisampler and set the loop points to your requirements.

For now I had two situations where that would have been needed, to make it easier to look at a specific short segment in a spectrum analyzer for tweaking, and for usage with brusfri, when the recording only has very short pauses (looping such a short noise part).
So both not for actual playback but as utility for plugins

Hi @Flavelius

Now I got the point, you’re talking about the left and right markers in the Arrange Window…

The distance between the L/R markers is intentionally limited to 1 beat (1/4) in the since Cubasis 1.0 for the following reasons: (1) avoiding UX issues that smaller distances could create easily (e.g. you would have to zoom in quite a bit to separate the markers again), (2) avoiding playback and recording problems. (3) there are no practical usecases for smaller distances.

Hope that makes sense.


I have learned something new here, thanks to you, I never knew noise could be removed so easily by just pressing Learn in Brusfri (noise free) and I fully understand why you need such short durations, but using this method of noise reduction at such a small scale in Cubasis is extremely difficult, but it can be done, see photos:
Cut both sides of the spike and Mute both sides.

Photo 3 showing markers set at 1/4 note spacing for looping

When completed, unmute both sections, tap the SELECT tool (top left), highlight the muted and edited sections and tap the GLUE icon.
Hope this helps.

If you speed up the tempo you will get a faster loop, the audio pitch won’t change by doing this.

My issue with duplicating and trimming is that I want a more direct/less detouring workflow, just like punch in and -out are actually not needed as they only replace manual trimming, but fewer unnecessary interactions are what makes good workflows.
But I found another workaround that works for me. Using koala sampler that I have on most tracks anyway I can easily sample and repeat a small section as necessary.
Thanks for your input, also with the tempo change, that sounds useful as well.

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