Shorter popover terms?

It’s great that we can edit the popover names for Playing Techniques. There’s obviously a balance to be struck between the clarity and the length of terms like “somewhat relaxed embouchure”. :laughing:

I presume that in the future, we’ll be able to edit, if not add, items to other types of notation, such as Holds and Pauses?

At the moment, it’s highly unlikely that I’m ever going to use the popover to type “breathmarkcomma” instead of clicking in the panel, which seems a shame.

Err… you can add a breath mark comma by typing “,” into the popover!

Most of the common ones have really short input names. And you can edit playing techniques if you have an uncommon one you need to use a lot.

But you can just enter a comma (,)
What could be quicker than that?

I realise that this list is definitely not definitive. For example, any instance of “caesura” can be replaced with “pause” (five letters rather than seven).

FWIW Caesura can be entered as “cae” or simply “//”. “Pause” would create a fermata (but again, fermata can be created by simply typing “fer”).

Ah. Bad example. I missed the alternative option for comma in the list. :blush:

That’s the thing! Fantastic.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll add those in my key shortcut document ^^

It would be great if the shortest unique set of characters would work for any given name.

This is only a hair’s breadth away from autocomplete, which is already implemented for the tempo popover and (I think I read?) is on the way for others.