Shorter way to render event with MIDI controlled Plugin?

Hi All!

I have an audio track which has an insert plugin (Infected Mushroom Iwish)… which in turn is controlled by a separate MIDI track.

Right now, to bounce events from this track to audio, I’m soloing the track, setting LeftRight Locators and exporting audio… and importing it into the session.

I would like to use the RENDER option but have been unable to use it correctly as it doesn’t take in the MIDI data that’s controlling the IWish Plugin. I only get an unaffected render.

If anyone knows how to do this, I’d be very grateful.



What about “Bounce Selection” function? Does it apply the MIDI automation?

Strangely enough, it works as expected now(Render)… perhaps I missed something earlier.

Many thanks for the help!

Check your RIP settings and make sure you have the boxes for inserts checked. Perhaps that was what was going wrong?

I.e., select Channel Settings, not Dry.

Thank you Martin, yes, channel settings or channel + Master FX. I was confusing Merge Midi in Loop with the settings for RIP.

Thanks for the replies.

I have a standard RIP procedure… and have assigned a key command for it… I use it very often.

This time was the first that I noticed it not behaving as it should. When I tried the same thing again after a while, it worked just fine. I tried it again just now and its working as expected.

Can’t really say if the RIP function didn’t work fine or I just dreamed up the whole thing… :slight_smile:


Are you avare about the differences one you have no event selected in the project (the track is rendered), and when you have any event(s) selected (the event is rendered)?

Hi Martin…

I’ve always rendered by selecting events… wasn’t aware of full track rendering in the absence of event selection. I also usually render the full signal path.

Thanks again for the info!