shotcut key for plugin on insert position #...possible?

Hi, perhaps you can help with some advice?

i have a vst plugin, a spectrum analyzer, on my buss master insert #3.

at various points in the production, i wish to look at the spectrum analyzer to check how i am progressing. There is not enough room on my screen to have it sitting open all the time. so it is only opened occasionally on top of all my other screens, and then closed again for another time.

it can be many clicks to find the buss master channel under the other screens, then to open the inserts rack, then to click on the spectrum analyzer plugin sitting in insert #3.

i was thinking how wonderful it would be if i could assign a key command shortcut to the plugin sitting in this location insert #3 to open its gui on top? so one key push on my keyboard and i can see my spectrum analyzer, then close it and keep working? this would be a great time saver.

is this possible?

Kind regards,

This is 99% possible with Macros.
You can also do this with the Generic Remote.

(For this to work, your stereo out needs to be visible in the project window.)

Macro Method:
You will have to create your own Project Logical Editor Preset.
Start with the preset {Tracks: “Toggle Mute if name contains voc”}

In the preset, replace “voc” with “Stereo Out” or the name of your Stereo Out
if you have changed it. Then get rid of the track operation “mute,” just delete
that whole line and change the function at the bottom to “Select”

Save your new preset as “Select Stereo Out.”
Then assign your new preset a Key Command.
Then assign a key command to “Edit Channel Settings” if you haven’t already.

Then create a macro:
Process Project Logical Editor - “Select Stereo Out”
Edit - Edit Channel Settings

This macro will bring your Stereo Out Channel Edit Window up, without scrolling or
looking for it. So a key command and a click and you are where you want to be.

The Generic Remote already has this functionality in place.

hi Rotund,

thank you, for your response! i see where you are going with this, but it only really goes half way?

this does not open the gui of the plugin inserted into slot #3 ?

that was specifically what i was after. so i assume you cant do what i am after?


Perhaps you could make a dedicated workspace with the plugin gui open - and one without, and simply switch between the two via KC…?

Generic Remote then?
I do this all day with my controller.
Too bad.