Shotcuts for Toolbox

I’m new to Cubase, and it seems there aren’t any keyboard shortcuts for the toolbox. This makes it really annoying to have to go up to the top every time I want to switch between the object selection and the draw tools when editing notes in the piano roll.

Am I missing something, or is there a way to map one key shortcuts to those tools?

The number keys on the main keyboard do this. 1 is Select and I can’t remember the rest. They’re not all available afair but most are…


Keys 1 through 9 will select the various tools: Select, Range Selection, Split, Glue, Erase, Zoom, Mute, Monitor.
These keys work the same in the Editors, but depending on the feature availability and regardless of the tools order in the editor’s Toolbar.

You can also use F9 and F10: previous and next tool respectively (these can also select the tools which have no numerical key assigned, like Warp and Monitor).

You can re-assign the keys via the Key Commands dialogue (File → Key Commands).

Excellent, thank you very much for your replies! F9 and F10 work great, as do the numbers - except they’re not in order by tool, but no matter.

Yes, that’s right, the shortcuts order is that of the project window (except for Comp, Free Warp and Monitor which do not have a default key command).
The shortcuts do not change, but the order of the tools does in the editors - for example, the Draw tool is still invoked by [8] when being in the audio editor, despite this tool being the third one in the toolbar.

This has always bugged me. Why aren’t the tools in the same order everywhere? I understand that some tools are not applicable in some contexts. But when that occurs the only change should be that that tool isn’t shown, the order of the remaining tools should stay the same.

If the order on the Project Window is:

But in Editor X, C isn’t used the order should be:

But instead Cubase has it:
A D H G B F E :confused: :confused: :confused:

This just makes it harder to find the desired tool. Consistency in this case is a virtue.

Good question indeed. Never asked this myself :blush: I learnt my most used tools’ keys and use those automatically since ages… but I see what you mean. Crystal clear.
I could only guess a reordering based on ‘importance’ or ‘most used’ basis? No idea, really.
What you say makes perfect sense to me.