Should a Padshop factory sound be found in a filter search of Halion 6?

Should a Padshop factory sound be found in a filter search of Halion 6?

Probably not as it’s a separate vsti

Okay, thanks. I was still confused with what Halion 6 actually is. I thought it was somehow Steinbergs Meta engine to host all Steinberg sounds no matter what instrument they come from. This means if I’m searching for a pad sound, then I have to open Halion 6 and search for a sound, then open Padshop and search for a sound, then open Retrologue and search for a sound and so on with all sound sources of Steinberg?

As far as I understand but let’s see if anyone else answers as I could be wrong with the steinberg vsti.

If you’re more familiar with the Native Instrument world, then HALion is like Kontakt and Padshop and Retrologue are like Absynth and Massive. You won’t find Absynth and Massive patches when you search in Kontakt.

Okay, thanks, this is quite a good comparison because I have Native Instruments and the Komplete Kontrol with two displays and the four octaves keyboard.
Loading an instance of Komplete Kontrol into a Cubase instrument track does find all patches of Massive and Absynth, right?

Yes. Komplete Kontrol finds anything with the NKS extension, both from NI and from 3rd party vendors. Although it may miss a few, but you can add anything missing in the User tab.

Thanks! Cubase doesn’t have such a thing like Komplete Kontrol?

Well, now that I think about it, the Media Bay (F5 key or from menu, Media > MediaBay) does list the presets for all the Steinberg instruments. You can audition them in the MediaBay, then double-click open the appropriate VSTi and create a track.

Komplete Kontrol was created to pair with the NI hardware specifically.
More info and discussion here:

Some of the Steinberg Synths are built in HALion - Retrologue and Padshop are not.

Only HALion synths are in HALion, the same way you won’t find Massive X presets in REAKTOR (because it isn’t a REAKTOR Synth like e.g. Monark).