Should an Object track play from the Bed track simultaneously?

Hello there, I am curious to know when the same source goes to the bed track and also acts as an object, doesn’t it create phase issues or something?

For example, here is a scenario where I have two tracks.

  1. A 7.1.2 Bed track containing music.
  2. A mono dialogue track that I am treating as an object and panned it to the Trl and Trr channels.

Therefore, I have nothing in the center channel and everything sounds right.

However, after I export the ADM and import it back to Nuendo in a new project, somehow these things happen:

  1. The dialogue track is in the center channel of the bed track.
  2. It is also presenting itself as an object track in the timeline but no signal in the Renderer for Dolby Atmos.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here? Any help from anyone would be very much appreciated.

By the way, I imported the same ADM file into Davinci Resolve Studio. The same thing is happening there as well.