Should be super easy to implement request - return to zero!

Maybe it’s already there, but I haven’t read about it in any of the manuals.
One should be able to hit STOP and REWIND and go back to ZERO in the timeline. Most controllers I’ve owned have this feature. Of course I could put it in one of the custom function buttons but I’m already using those for good stuff.

Really like this controller though! Great job Steinberg!

If return-to-zero CAN be done, please somebody let me know how. Thanks!


I thought long and hard about the 4 functions and (at least for now) picked the ones I use the most for my projects:
1/2- Zoom timeline in and out horizontally
3- Solo Defeat (time consuming to unsolo with the mouse, so just click a button to unsolo everything, very convenient)
4- Clear clipping indicators (I don’t want to have to grab a mouse while I’m right in the middle of mixing)

How about everybody else out there?


1 = to left locator
2 = save
3 = project window
4 = mixer

You prolly know this: the |< button scrolls backwards through the markers (if no markers then returns to zero)

Same here - it’s great to be able to wizz through the project using a few markers. Can get frustrating when in play though - I have been known to sound like a dodgy scratchin’ DJ (is there any other kind?) :laughing: