Should CB11 remeber the type of midi editor i last used on a track?

Ive been editing some Midi files, mainly the drum tracks, but each time i open the lower window editor it reverts to the key editor and not the Drum editor i last used.
I know i can set the default to be Drums but i dont want that as then id need to change back to the key editor as and when i need it.
Also,in full screen/full window can i change the type of editor im using? At the moment i do it in the lower window and then expand the window to full screen, but sometimes i forget to change to the drum editor before enlarging the window.

There are several Preferences that control this behavior.

By default Cubase will use the Drum Editor if the Track uses a Drum Map and the Key Editor if it doesn’t.

Yeah, im aware of that. I was just surprised it always defaults back to the default editor unless i use a drum map. Id have hoped it would just remember what i used last time.
I haven’t tried the Editor Content Follows option though. Ill see if that makes a difference.

Cubase has a notoriously short memory. My pet peeve is how it can’t remember which set of audio inputs I used the last time when creating a track. It always opens the first set of a gazillion ADAT-channels.