Should error in entry cause a beep?

I have a habit of doing things wrong :smiley:. For example, in a popover like shift-B (bars) I just entered “=10” instead of “+10”. Dorico ignored it (this is a simple case, so it’s obvious, but sometimes things are not so clear cut).

Wouldn’t it be good if Dorico told me if I input something wrong? Seems like the feedback is helpful. Beep!


Please no.
P.S. If you’re adding bars/beats, you no longer need the + sign. “10” will suffice.

I would like the option for an idiot beep too. I work fast and am not always watching the screen. If I type something incorrectly some sort of alert would be nice rather than just doing nothing.

Might need this in Edit > Preferences:

  • I’m a power user and don’t need no dang beeps
  • I’m a dufus and need feedback for my mistaken keystrokes

No mandated beeps, please!

No bleeping beeps please!

I don’t know about you, but far more of my mistakes happen when I input something valid, just incorrect. Like entering a lyric on a wrong syllable, and the next twenty syllables are wrong. Bleeps wouldn’t help here. Or “Oops, I had insert mode turned on.” Or “Oops, that was the wrong note duration three bars earlier.”

Unless we could get a smart-alec update that says, “Are you sure? That’s gonna sounds lame.”

Anytime I’m issuing a command, I’m expecting the program to do something. I’ve never issuing a command hoping the program will just sit there and do nothing. If I issue a command that the program cannot execute because I’m a dummy, it would be nice to have some feedback rather than just be ignored. I’m not going to type Shift-B, |\ just to pass the time, I’m obviously trying to enter something there. A simple ding to let me know I typed a non-executable command would be nice, rather than just be completely ignored. Obviously it could be an option left off by default, but I would turn it on. Finale uses an idiot ding too. If any Finale users haven’t noticed, perhaps they aren’t as much of an idiot as I am, but I definitely welcome the audio feedback.