Should I be able to open a 32-bit project in 64-bit version?

I’m trying out jbridge, and I had it convert all the .dll’s and stored them in a 64-bit vstplugins directory. I no longer have Cubase pointing to the 32-bit vstplugins directory.

When I load a project created with the 32-bit version of Cubase 6, none of the plugins load. However, if I create a new project and open the plugins, they all seem to work (at least the interfaces open). So is it impossible to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit in the same project? I’d like to run the 64-bit version, and it seems like jbridge is the safest bet for running 32-bit-only plugins. But I might not bother with 64-bit, if I can’t import the old 32-bit projects.


The 32 and 64-bit version look in different locations for their plugins by default. You will need to point Cubase 64 to your 32-bit plugins folder in the VST Plugins dialog (sorry about the directions, not got Cubase here).

You can open a 32bit saved project in Cubase 64bit.
you can even open a saved 64bit project in Cubase 32bit.
But ,you need to have the same plugins in both of course if you want to use it properly.

It worked once I renamed the 64 bit vstplugins directory to the same name I had previously used for the 32 bit plugins directory. Thanks.

Just to let you know, if you use Jbridge for Waves plugins (as far as I know the only way to use Waves plugins in a 64 bit host), when you load a Cubase 32 bit project into Cubase 64 bit, the waves plugins won’t remember their settings.

Hi beatpete,

do you know if this is only the case with Waves plugins?