Should I be able to render-in-place external instruments?

Doesn’t seem to work, on rack instruments at any rate.


Any thoughts on this?

Not for external rack instruments as far as I know and have tried.

It works for external track instruments though.

Freezing external instruments works for me. I guess rendering in place should be no problem either.

Hi i have a few external instruments and have found render in place doesnt work for me either.

Thanks for the feedback!

I guess it’s back to Ableton then. :frowning:

Render in Place of external synth works for me. See other post

Is there a specific reason you need to be using an external rack instrument rather than an external track instrument? The latter works fine with render in place.

To be honest, I’ve never really figured out what the difference between rack and track instruments is meant to be.

In a nutshell, instrument tracks combine a MIDI and audio track into one.

Probably easiest explained with a video:

Yep - Track instruments render properly.


Edit: I do have to work with rack instruments in some cases (for reasons highlighted in that video). Wonder if Steinberg might be addressing this issue at some point? Rack Instruments do render, just not external Rack Instruments.

It’s worth noting that video is for v6.5, and track instruments can now do pretty much everything rack instruments can. (Multi-channel MIDI for example) What is it you need to do?

Yeah - I realise it’s 6.5.

LIke I say - I’ve always used rack instruments, so haven’t really thought about using track instruments. Old projects use Rack instruments, so converting to Track instruments might not be straight-forward.

I’m feeding a whole load of hardware into Cubase via 24 inputs on 3 RME Multifaces. I sequence either in Cubase or on a Cirklon. I’ve previously used the freeze function, or just recorded everything live, but am looking at using render-in-place. Hopefully so I can create stems for moving over to Ableton for gigs, or onto my Octatrack.