Should I be using a Pre-Amp?

I’m currently using a Yamaha MG10XU mixer as an interface which I find works really well, however, When I’m recording vocals I get a good signal into my headphones but the signal on the stem is really low. I need to push the db using the cursor upto +20db before I can get a decent level.
I am also adding filters, compressors and EQ to get a good mix.
Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a Pre Amp?


Probably not - your MG10XU has some.

Your mixer has preamps built in. You should be able to get good levels on your dry signal. Adjust the gain on the mixer, leave the Cubase level alone. You want a decent amount of headroom on your recordings. Of course you can add all your fx to your mix but they shouldn’t be compensating for poor gain staging.

As already mentioned the mixer has mic pre-amps built in, you shouldn’t need an additional one to get a decent level into Cubase.
Do you have the mic-gain turned up (how high)?
What is the mic?
Does it need phantom power?
Is the phantom power turned on?