Should I buy a Cubase 9.5 Pro upgrade for my existing Cubase 9.5 Pro license?

Hi folks,

I already have a Cubase 9.5 Pro license on my e-licenser. If I buy an “Update from Cubase Pro 9” and not activate it now, will I be able to use it later, when Cubase 10 will be released? My intention is to activate it during the grace period and upgrade my 9.5 Pro to the upcoming 10 Pro version.

But as far as I know, if I buy an “Update from Cubase Pro 9”, the new license will need a Cubase Pro 9 upgradable license on my e-licenser, which I don’t have, cause I have already upgraded it to 9.5

Can any Steinberg support guy confirm that if I buy an “Update from Cubase Pro 9”, I will be able to upgrade my Cubase 9.5 Pro to 10 Pro when the grace period will start?

Thank you.

I don’t have to be a Steinberg support guy to say that you are correct… it won’t work.

Unless you have a separate CB 9 license on another dongle that you can purchase an upgrade from. If you do have a separate CB Pro 9 license and purchase another upgrade to CB Pro 9.5 from that, and wait to activate it during the CB 10 grace period, then it would work.

Good try though :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: