Should I Buy Another eLicenser(USB)?

Hello there
I am a user using CUBASE 8.

I wanted to use this registration more simply in the two different place, So I clicked ‘ZERO TIME’
I thought this is possible to use to who don’t have a eLicensor(USB) any more. Lost or Broken reason.

But After I clicked there is some problem.
[You can see the attatchments.]

There is a question.
Should I need another eLicenser(USB) to ZERO TIME?
it is blokced in my hardware 'Soft-eLicenser (Sel.) [attatchments.]

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you need another USB-eLicenser for this of course.

I’m not sure if I fully understood what you said but Zero Downtime is meant only for emergencies, when you’re sure you lost your eLicenser. Don’t try to use it to game the system.

You don’t get two simultaneously active licenses if you do this.