Should I buy Cubase 11? Or wait?

I’ve got Cubase 11 elements.
I’m wondering if I should buy artist 11 (without the dongle) and don’t activate it.
Then will I be able to get Cubase 12 Artist when it’s released?
Or should I just wait? Will there be a price increase?


Yes, you will get Cubase Artist 12 then.

My guess is, the price will be the same. As you can see, all upgrades from Cubase Elements to Cubase Artist have the same price. Upgrade from Element 11 to Artist 11 is the same price as upgrade from Elements 10.5 or 10 or 9… Therefore I expect it will be the same price even later on.

If you would get Cubase Artist 11 with the USB-eLicenser, you could use the advantage of the USB-eLicenser. So you could install Cubase Artist 11 to multiple computers (up to 4) and just transfer the USB-eLicenser with you, where you want to start Cubase Artist 11. If this has any value for you. Otherwise it doesn’t matter, if you buy it now, or later, I guess.