Should i buy new GPU?


For me,graphics in Cubase 9 not so smooth like in 7.5 (even in 8) and Pefrormance meter getting totally red load when i druging some parts, i think its because of my integrated GPU (Intel HD 4600).

I’m thinking (and hope) buying new GPU will increas GUI speed, make it more smooth, and solve problems with overload meter.
And unload CPU from graphic works.
but, like i say, i just thinking it will works, i don’t now how it will be in reallity.

can someone approve it, or maybe recommend somehting ?

p.s. sorry for my english

You don’t give much for system specs so here is a general opinion.

My older Win 7 PC was using the onboard graphics and I did indeed have some graphical issues. Back then I installed a relatively inexpensive nVidia GeForce GTX 650 card (with GDDR5 interface) and all graphical issues went away and CB seemed to run better. I have since upgraded PCs and specifically installed a good graphics card in it. All is well.

Bottom line from me is that most likely you will benefit with that upgrade.

Regards :sunglasses:

An old passive radeon HD5440 will do fine! Can be had for $10 second hand. And I have tested this is really enough for cubase. Even on older radeons it runs perfect. I also have more powerful GFX card but there is no difference except in fan noise and heat.

That’s not entirely true. I had two GFX cards in my system to run 4 monitors. One was a half decent nVidia 560Ti on which everything ran smoothly.

The other card was a basic old 40 quid nVidia, and things like the meters and FabFilter VST’s ran poorly on the two screens attached to this cheap card. By simply dragging the VST instance across to the monitors powered by the better GFX card the VST then ran smoothly.

So I think it depends on the GFX intensity of your VST’s. You certainly dont need a £500 GFX card, but perhaps something more than a basic one is a good idea.

I now run two nVidia 560Ti’s and all the GFX on all monitors is now fast and smooth for all VST’s and meters.

Well 4 monitors and 2 cards is a different situation! I have 2 monitors and both the fat and basic card are powerful enough.

my problem is, when i’m working in big project, where VST performance show 70-90%. many of VST & VSTi, aduio…

sometimes workflow start delayed, like opening mixer or switching channels… I’m always have feelings like i add 1 more vst/vsti and Cubase will blow up.

Plugins gui (like FabFilter,Izotope, etc…) works perfect, Cubase EQ and meters also works ok. But, this delay when u switching beetwen channels or just open/close mixer. Even when u putting u cursor in new position, u have feelings like u working in super slow machine.

sometimes I’m working in FL Studio also, and there is no problems like this. everything super fast and smooth

I am not sure a new GPU would help for this as we don’t know the cause. But I am sure that if it would help a simple one like a HD5450 or R5 230 would be enough.
If you want more help, we need more details like OS mobo cpu ram audio card etc etc

Win10 x64 (all drivers have latest version)
Cubase 9.0.10
CPU:i5-4670 3400Mhz
RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600
MB: Asus H87M-Plus
GPU: integrated (1gb system show)
Disk#1 - ATA Samsung SSD 840 (232 ГБ) - OS
Disk#2 - ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA2 (1863 ГБ)
Disk#3 - ATA SAMSUNG HD321KJ (298 ГБ) - all samples
Disk#4 - ATA ST3320620AS (298 ГБ)

SoundCard: FireWire TC desktop konnekt 6 (512 Buffer size)
Screen Monitor: Samsung t260 (1920x1200)