Should I buy the extension for mp3?

Hello, i’m mexican, my english is basic, so i will try to explain my problem…

I was using cubase with an unlimited license when i bought muy audio card UR22 it was for “free”
but one day I couldn’t save in to mp3, so i looked in the the acount, and the elicenser was out of time, so I ask for a new Key and new activation, with success, muy new key is working, but still I can’t save in to mp3…

Question 1: Should I buy the extension for mp3?

I tried to save into WAV, so I can use it (i tought), but when I heared the track, there is a lot of noise. So I don’t know if this is part of my problem because I have not buy the extension, and I have to buy it any way, or there is nothing to due, and maybe my Audio device is corrupted, or something.

Question 2: Why I have this noise?

thank you!

What unlimited version did/do you have and what free limited version are you now using?

Regards :sunglasses: