Should I delete old versions of Cubase?

Looking in Programs and Features in my Windows Control panel, I can see that I have

Cubase 8.5 64bit
Cubase 9
Cubase 9.5
Cubase 10.5
Cubase 11

Obviously (or maybe it’s not obvious?) I’ll only be using Cubase 11 in future, so should I/can I safely uninstall previous versions?



I usually keep the previous version, or possibly two, just as a precaution.

I’m wondering exactly the same thing. I updated from C10.0 to C11.0. I’m assuming (based on folder size) that C11 is an independent app from C10: C11’s folder in Program Files is slightly larger than C10’s. Also my C drive is a (small) 256 SSD and slightly over half full. As long as my Preferences migrated over from C10 and all my current projects/VSTi’s/Plug-ins are opening properly in C11 I will eventually uninstall C10 to free up space. As with any new software I won’t do it right away-I’ll wait a while to assess stability.


I keep several versions not just as backups but to run simultaneously. For example, if I only have one version, then I can open more than one project in that version, but only one can be activated at a time. With different versions I can literally have both projects open and activated at the same time for several practical purposes. For example if I have a project that I’m needing to import tracks into a newer template, I can go in and listen to each track and decide what I want to import into the other project (while that project is open as well). Or sometimes I just have a midi piano ready in my older CB to plunk on the piano at any given moment. Lots of benefits.

The great part of this is that each version has its own preference folder which means you CAN keep older versions without any repercussions. This is not true with programs like Pro tools that require a nightmare of system changes to the specific version that it’s impossible to have more than one installed.

Yes, this can be very useful at times.

I have every version of Cubase installed that has been released since the PC was built long ago because:

  1. The above (but of course this only justifies keeping a few old versions).
  2. The Programs (not the content) don’t consume a lot of disk space
  3. Leaving them requires zero work, removing them would take more work than zero
  4. If I removed them there is no benefit to me, so why put any effort into it