Should I get a new dongle…?

I am going to build a new DAW from scratch…
My Nuendo USB Dongel is now 20 years old…
Got it with the first launch of Nuendo…
Does Steinberg let you trade it for a new one?..

What do you other guys think or do…?


I doubt if Steinberg will trade dongles.
I would get a new one ( supposedly faster ) and keep the old one for a spare which I did.

I have never thought about it until now.
Yes, I just noticed that I have to pay for a new one…
Follow your advice… haha I have the really old dongles, before USB for Cubase in a drawer… you never know when you need it…… :crazy_face:

Don’t know when but supposedly the dongle is going to be phased out. So you might save a few quid sticking with your old dongle.

I bought a new dongle when updating my Nuendo. The older one was literally falling apart.

Wasn’t the first Nuendo dongle an iLok? If it’s the case, it will not work with the eLicenser system.

Nah, they always had their own system. The first one was a huge LPT printer port 25 pin jobby. LOL. Arturia adopted their newer USB 2.0 dongle system as well, then abandoned it. I have had all of these.

I hope we can still use them as an option.

If I need a freaking network account (locally I mean) and open firewalls every time I visit a studio that’s gonna suck.

The best part of the dongle was I could just bring a sysprepped system drive, a few different drive sleds, and a dongle.

Hurray for ‘progress’. If those dongles quit working I suspect we’d then need to bother 30 people and do a dance with sysops to get everything registered.

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Hmm…buy a new or not…thats the question…

As I said before, I would get a new dongle.
I can’t see Steinberg totally abandoning the dongle, as Brian said, hope we can use them as an option.
The cost for a new dongle is minimal compared to what Nuendo costs, I’d prefer the peace of mind having a spare around.
Besides, when you factor in the coast of your new DAW, what’s an extra $40 or so ?


These days I think the going price is around $27 for the latest model. In the USA anyway. I’d probably do it if I didn’t have a spare. Why? Lots of old projects backed up to sysprepped drives (by this I mean I have loads of chipset and device drivers in the pool if something I cram the drive in needs them, not too hard to research what I’ll be plugging the drive into and predict the drivers I’m likely to need and have them in there ready to go).

Plug and go with a dongle, pick up with whatever versions of DAW and Plugins I was using at the time. When working with older projects I find it’s often a time saver over importing old projects into newer versions of stuff. Will go to newer stuff only if I need a specific feature or sound that’s not there.

Thank you everyone for input!