Should I install Cubase 11 on Windows 8.1?

Hi everyone, I currently work with Cubase LE 8 and want to upgrade to a newer and better version. I was thinking about getting Cubase elements 11. the only problem is that my laptop still runs on Windows 8.1. It meets all the recommend hardware requirements tough.

I saw a video on YouTube where someone Installed it by changing the name of the operating system. Im wondering, if it would run properly or if it would just crash a bunch. What do you think?

Personally, I think updating to Windows 10 is what you should do. Tweaks like this just generate a need for more tweaking later.

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“changing the name of the operating system”
Just. Don’t.

Google this " can i use my windows 8 key for windows 10 "

IF you have the windows 8 key code, it might be on a sticker, or you have the CD, you can do a fresh install of windows ten, and use your windows 8 key.

Make darned sure you back up everything first, and do it twice.

I add this, do not try to upgrade 8.1 to ten, you want to do a fresh installation of ten with a hard drive wipe and re-format. Make sure you have all of the drivers needed on a thumb drive. Or pay someone to do it. I just did a re-install of windows ten, man it has come a long ways since windows 95, it is a very quick process. While you’re at it, do you have SSD’s in your laptop? SSD’s fairly rule and are a wonderful upgrade if you don’t have one. More ram is good too, at least 16 GB.