Should i install W11 on new Laptop?

got my new laptop with Win10 home on it, should i get Win 11 ?
i use Cubase 11 pro and some steinberg stuff, halion6. GA5 etc… and Komplete ultimate 11,IK multimedia stuff and more. or maybe stay safe and stay with Win10 ?
the problem is that if i want to upgrade later to Win 11 will it be a Hassle with all DAW and plugins installed already !?

Laptops are a funny breed as sometimes they have hardware windows can’t detect which makes a fresh install a pain. Normally I wouldn’t say go to win 11 but with a brand new machine with nothing else on it, it may be a good time to do it but I would t install over win 10 as I don’t trust windows doing this.

What I would do though is partition the drive (there won’t be much on since it’s new) and create a win 11 usb drive. I would then boot to the usb stick and install win 11 on the 2nd partition. This then creates a dual boot pc. You can then do basic tests in win 10 and 11 and when/if you are happy with win 11 format and recover the win 10 partition.

This is what I am currently doing on my desktop pc. As it stands win 11 is working fine so I’m just about at the point of recovering the win 10 partition.

Make sure you backup if you have anything on the new pc yet.