Should I keep older installers after updates and upgrades?


I started with Cubase AI 9.5, which I upgraded to Artist 9.5, then got Artist 10 for free, as it came soon after I purchased the Artist 9.5 upgrade, which I haven’t activated at that moment, and now I purchased an update to Artist 10.5. Should I keep old installers (AI 9.5, Artist 9.5 and Artist 10), and their licenses, or keep only the full 10.5 installer and its licenses would be enough, if I want to install from scratch in the future? I have a hardware eLicenser and all licenses are there.


You can uninstall Cubase AI 9.5, this doesn’t bring anything. You can keep one of the older Cubase Artist, if your current Cubase Artist 10.5 wouldn’t work well. After some testing and when everything is going well, you can uninstall your older Cubase Artist versions.

Martin, thank you for replying!

Actually I meant not the active installations of Cubase, but the installable packages, which I downloaded locally from Steinberg site - should I keep all of them for future reference, or only 10.5 is sufficient? If in the future I want to re-install Cubase, I guess I could use only the 10.5 installer, without first having to install 9.5 and 10.0?

Otherwise, the other question is also important, but I solved it so far by uninstalling 9.5 Artist/AI and going to a fresh full 10.0 (actually dir even fresh OS re-install), and now installed only the 10.5 update. As I got two Cubase active installations now though, at some point I may uninstall everything and go with the 10.5 full installer.


I see, I’m sorry. Yes, you are right. If you would need to install Cubase 10.5 in the future, you don’t need Cubase 9.5 (any edition) anymore. So it doesn’t make sense to keep the installers.

HDD space is dirt cheap. Perhaps you’ll want to reinstall an old version for some reason in the future.
If so, it will be nice to have it around.
If not, does having it around cause a problem?

I’m also lazy enough that not deleting a file is less work than deleting it, so I don’t. :sunglasses:

Thank you, Martin.Jirsak!

@raino : What should be a sensible reason to downgrade? Serious bugs/issues in 10.5? Anything else? I get your point, but I have one more expensive hobby like photography, and am overloaded with thousands of photos, which eat a lot of space.

It’s not really a matter of downgrading since you can have both the current and older versions of Cubase installed at the same time. Say 5 years from now you want to access a Project from now but it won’t load in the current version. If you want to try and load it using an older version you’d need to contact Steinberg to gain access to the old version, then download it vs. just running the installer.

But if you don’t you don’t have the space, that kind of means you need to trash it. Most folks seem to have an abundance of HDD (if not SSD) space available so its not an issue for them.