Should I move to 9.5.41

I’m running a very stable CB9.5.21 on Win10 1803, except for very rare crash to desktops.

Not interested in CB10 yet - gonna wait for a couple of more patches due to some of the bugs people are experiencing.

But, how stable is 9.5.41? Should I upgrade my 9.5.21 which is working well?

I moved to 9.5.41 when it was released in last November. It has been very solid here, probably the best Cubase ever in this regard. A lot depends on how we all differently use the software of course, but that’s my experience. I agree with you C10 has a couple of nice new features, but a few issues too and not enough gain for me to risk stability, that’s more important to me right now.

Now on 9.5.41 and everything is working well so far.