Should I pay attention to the VST Performance Meter?

I’m using Addictive Drums, and noticed that my vst performance meter is staying in the 50% to 60% range with just this one drum synth running. Another daw I own comes in at 54% on one core, another at 45% on one core, and another at just 12% on one core. The cpu level according to the windows task manager is the same for all daws except the last one, which is extremely low on whatever I put in it.

From what I understood, the vst performance meter is the sum of the entire capability of the program to process vst instruments. So, is this true? Is the meter telling me that over half the resources of the program are being used, or is it just one core? Am I going to run out of processing power if I actually attempt to make a song? I usually run 30 to 40 tracks per song.

I’m using AMD quad-core 3.0, 16 gigs ram, Win 7 Pro, and have minor tweaks to the system such as shutting off core parking and drive indexing. Running at a buffer of 1024, and ASIO-guard is set to normal.