Should I uninstall 8.5?

I installed the Cubase 9 update but see that it has left 8.5 installed. Is there any reason to not uninstall 8.5 is 9 is working fine?




It´s up to you. You can keep it or uninstal.

Just a thought…
One reason to keep it is if you ever want to use 32bit VST’s, CB 8.5 is the last version that can do so on it’s own without having to install a 3rd party bridge software (like jBridge).

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I always leave the older versions on my system. A) Removing them doesn’t clear up much disk space. B) You never know what might crop up where having the old version is useful (e.g. a compatibility issue or wanting to jump back & forth between 2 active projects). C) Uninstalling it is extra work that I’m not inclined to do just because it is something I can do.

Do you gain anything by uninstalling it? If not, why bother.

Thanks all for your input. Guess I’ll just leave it alone for now.