Should I Update? Mac User

I’m still on Cubase 6.0.0, by the way, since I fear updating might break something. How is 6.0.5 for mac users so far? I heard that the built-in-audio ASIO driver got updated in 6.0.4 as well, so I’m curious if performance increased at all. There have been many complaints about poor and glitch-wrought updates, so I hope 6.0.5 isn’t one of them.

One thing: In the list of changes I see that the record behavior has been modified. In 6.0.0 when i record a midi track, it overlays other midi parts that may already exist on the track. This is useful for me since it makes it possible to compare, slice, etc. the parts. The list claims that this has been changed, but is it true in all cases? I actually like this feature.

How is 6.0.5 for mac users so far?

Aloha s,

Here is a thread that may shed a lil info on that.