Should I update to 13?

I decided not to update from N12 to N13 after trying the N13 Trial version, but I now find myself tempted by today’s Sale offer!

I’m Music only - no Post, don’t use DOP or VCA’s after being frightened off them in the early days, and much prefer the N12 GUI to the N13 one. Despite this, are there enough small improvements and fixes in N13 to warrant upgrading?

Short answer: Yes.

Slightly longer answer: only you know what you need, but at the current upgrade sale price, I think it’s money well spent for most Nuendo users. Forget the Nuendo-specific post features in v13 for a second in your case, just look at the general workflow improvements that N13 shares with C13, which for me, are totally worth the upgrade price. Lots of little things were improved IMO.

As for the interface, I now prefer the C13/N13 interface, after the recent tweaks they made in 13.0.30. YMMV


I agree with @uarte. But if you don’t need any of the new features right now, you still might want to buy the update for the reduced price. You don’t need to activate it but can put the activation code on a shelf instead, wait for Nuendo 14 and make use of the grace period.

Thanks Uarte, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear.

I did not get to use N13 very much before the Trial version expired so I may not have been able to really get used to it, although I’ve just remembered that I was not very keen on the Hub being there all the time.

Sounds like a good idea Martin.

That’s what I intend to do, but I just downloaded the trial to see what I can or cannot do.

It’s inevitable that one must upgrade eventually, even if SB removes certain features, but one can also ask the question: if something was there and it was good, why then would a complete removal be undertaken, with nothing put back in its’ place at any stage or else foreshadowed in a future update?

I can think of at least one (recent) example.

The Hub is accessible from the File Menu and comes up at each program launch, unless I am just too used to trashing preferences.

I know where it is - I just do not like it being there.

Just installed N13, it seems the Hub is now a background to the app and File > Open uses the OS as previously.

Good move SB!