Should I update to 6.5.1 or wait?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to get a new studio computer and am wondering whether to install 6.5.1 or stick with 6.0.5 (which I have been using successfully since it’s release).

I would like to go up to 6.5.1 for the new features but it seems there are still some issues with it and I’m thinking I should be patient and wait for a further release with more bug-fixes.

Any advice from users would be welcomed.


updated to 6.5.2 yesterday and now issues at all. Cubase has worked flawless for me since day 1.

I think there’s a ‘self-contained’ trial version 6.5 download that you could install in a separate folder and experiment with - see how you get on. Have a look on the front page of the website for info/detail etc…



I updated to 6.5 and everything but Variaudio and AudioWarp is working fine (they still work, I just get distortion noise when previewing).

I’ve had no problems.

Aloha P,

On the Mac side,

Since moving to OS 10.7 (Lion), I have had intermittent probs with
C6.04/05 and my Yamaha/Steinberg n12 mixing desk.
Tried everything. No real solution. Intermittent probs are the worst.

In all fairness to Cubase tho’, the prob was with the n12 because Cubase was solid with
my old M-Audio FW audio I/O and the Mac’s ‘built-in’ audio I/O.

However since installing C6.5 all probs seem to be gone (touch wood).
C6.5/n12 seems solid as a rock.

And as proof, I have had three (paying) clients since the
C6.5 installation with no DAW problems. (touch wood again)

No fear.


Mucking about with ‘PadShop’ is also fun! :slight_smile:

No issues here, and I don’t know what issues you refer to. The new comping system alone is worth going to 6.5.1 (well, for me, anyway).

@djntoxicated: 6.5.2 is Cubase Artist only, not full Cubase.

I moved to C6.5 just a few weeks ago and for the first time since C4 I’m getting audio dropouts…go figure…Kevin