Should I upgrade my mac pro

Hello Cubase forum,

I’ve been offered a 2010 5th generation Mac pro with a single quad core 2.8 ghz processor and 5 gigs of ram. Currently I am using a 2007 2nd generation 8 core Mac pro with 8 gigs of ram. Should I upgrade? Will I notice much of a performance improvement considering my current Mac pro has 8 cores and the new one will only have 4.


There is not much difference between the two machines as far as audio and CPU power go. Your current machine is better in some ways.

Have a look at this comparison chart at

Thanks for the replies. I might just wait for a more powerful Mac pro or else I’m considering possibly building a pc desktop.

Building is a great solution. Very flexible, and economical.

So easy and cheaper.
Apple is out on pro marked.

No not a PC, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO :frowning: