Hello everyone,
Im looking for some advice, im using cubase6 with a rme 9632 card and a yamaha01v96v2… oh yes, and because i moved to windows 7 64bit i had to scrap my midex8 and buy a moto express 128.

i use the 01v96 as 8in…(is ok) 8 digital out(is ok) and as a remote, maybe ive missed something, but the remote side of things is sometimes a hit and a miss. so im thinking of scrapping the rme and 01v96 and replacing it with:


What do you think?Zinc Alloy
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I’d not scrap the RME if I were you, I think you’ll find that the DAC is superior to that of the Steinberg interface. Why not just get the CC121 and simply use the Mixer and RME as input and do everything in the box using the CC121 as remote.

Just my opinion, mind. I’ve often thought of upgrading from my RME Fireface 800 but I’m
hard pushed to find a better interface :slight_smile: the auto mapping feature of the MR816 is clever but from what I’ve actually heard the quality isn’t all there.



The MR816 sounds better then the RME one. Ok I work for Steinberg, but I also do allot of recording stuff with professional artists and they love the sound of the MR816. Perhaps you have a look at this article from Sound on Sound. That discribes very good what you get regarding the quality of the MR816 Steinberg MR816 CSX



I on the other hand have to respectfully completely disagree with you there chris… i thought the RME stuff sounded FAR SUPERIOR to my ears which is why RME got my money for the interface and not steinberg this time unfortunately.

why isn´t it possible to let other interfaces being handled as flexibel as the Steinberg interface. Especially the Asio driver performance seems to be overstable if you compare to every other professional interface.
why does Steinberg not pick up the top manufacturers RME, Lynx for sharing the knowledge about this?
Other studios that use Lynx or RME interfaces would be profit alot of it and Steinberg would profit too of more satisfied customers. RME and Lynx are awesome companys, the interfaces are used in many Steinberg users btw…


That is a little overstated in my opinion. It is a matte of taste.

I was in the middle of recordings when the MR816 arived on the market. We were recording with a fireface 800 at that time. We did most of the recordings new becuase of (in our ears/taste) the better and warmer sounding MR816.



As you say though Chris… it’s all generally quite subjective at this level of interface… i much preferred the more neutral sound of the RME converters over the Yamaha ones… not everything i record requires colouration so i can do that later on if need be… that was my own personal rationale.
they’re all fantastic pieces of kit at the end of the day and all have their strengths and weaknesses… for instance the Multiface II PCIe system has pretty much the lowest ASIO latency on the market! i can run quite happily at 32 samples for a lot of projects but it has no onboard pres or effects… you have to choose what suits your own personal tastes and needs.

here I would like to press the ´" I Like" button :slight_smile:

SOS say “…clean and detailed with plenty of ‘air’, yet not without character.” I’m a little worried about “character”. That usually means “the sort of distortion that flatters my music”. Do we want it built-in to every recording?

Do we want it built-in to every recording

With Cubase you can use different devices. Just buy an other device when you are looking for an other sound for a particular recording or music style.



why isn´t it possible making asio driver for the top manufacturers in use with firewire as stable as on the steinberg Interface? Am i on a wrong train?

yes those statements are very subjective. I think there are lot of pros and cons on each hand but all in all most interfaces on the marked are very good and the last point they really challange is the sound yet in 2011…

back to topic, do not buy “moto express 128” i made bad experience for about two years with it, the driver and support were very bad and i needed to sell it to abstain from the bluescreen when cubase crashed in v4-5. Don´t know if they have fixed it yet but the 2 years waiting for a fix and the very known driver problem gave me that bad taste not using motu anymore. I simply use those midi IOs of the RME devices without any problems so far.
Look for the motu forum and the user comments if this is stable now.

i’ve had two midi express 128’s over the years, i have one now and i also use one in one of my co-writer’s studios… i’ve always found them to be pretty much bomb proof! IMHO very good value for money too!

Thank for the reply Jim,
I nearly done that today just to see it if would any good.

Thanks for the reply Chris,
The article is very positive, would love to know what your setup is… and just out of interest (sorry for being nosey) whats your job at Steinberg.
all the best, Gerry

Thanks for the reply Mat, nice kit.
all the best, Gerry

Thanks for the reply,
(touch wood) i installed my 128 and forgot about it, its been rock solid.
all the best, gerry

Thanks Laurence

I agree 100%