Should I Use Cubase 11 pro fx or Groove Agent 5 se fx

Trying to get my head around groove agent 5se,im jnterested to get opinions on which fx to use , after creating my drum track should i use groove agent 5se fx then turn midi into audio or just use unaffected midi turn it into audio,then use cubase effects,i would like to know which fx you would use Cubase or Groove Agent 5se and the logic behind your choice many thanks

I would recommend…

  1. Using individual outs for each drum signal/instrument
    It gives you the possibility to process every sound individually, as inserts and sends.

  2. using external (not GA SE included) plugins.
    This allows you to use alternative plugins not made / included by Steinberg. I am not saying there are bad, but sometimes we look for different sound character.

The FX included in Groove Agent are most certainly the same as in Cubase and other Steinberg products.

Not sure I understand you correctly. Are you asking whether you should use the internal effects in a GrooveAgent Preset or disable them and use effects plugins in the Cubase mixer?
If yes, my answer would be: it depends. If you like the sound of the presets, just use it as it is. An option would maybe be to disable the reverb in the GA mixer (if there is any) and replace that with something else to make it fit better with the rest of the mix.
But there’s no right or wrong here. What I always do though is create different outputs for the GA sounds, grouped by kick, snare, hats and so on. That way, you can individually process the sounds further to make them work in the mix.

There is no right or wrong. A lot of VSTi (instruments) these days offer internal FX. Use them if you like them!

Just to be clear, you don’t have to render your MIDI/VSTi to audio. (There are pros and cons to render to audio in certain phases of production, but these ultimately comes down to personal preference.) It is perfectly acceptable to keep all of your virtual instruments “live” and fed by MIDI until you perform your final mix-down. Insert effects and send effects can be applied to instrument tracks in the same manner as they can on audio tracks.

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Should I Use Cubase 11 pro fx or Groove Agent 5 se fx


There is no “or” needed - use both however you like

Thanks,I forgot about outputs for each drum instrument I was kind of thinking that it goes you more flexibility by not using groove agent fx

Yes , understand what your saying it’s down to personal preference,thanks

Very good point that fx sends and returns can be applied to midi and audio,what would you advise ?

The main reasons folks Render MIDI to Audio are:

  • To free up computing resources
  • To future proof the Track - even if Cubase 19 can’t run the VSTi, odds are it can still play the audio
  • So you can further edit the Audio using Audio Tools like Split, Reverse, etc.
  • Personal preference - some folks just like working with audio

The main drawback is that it freezes the melody & harmony into the Audio. So if you want to change those you need to dig out the MIDI, change it and Render that to Audio again. Of course that is still much easier than bringing the sax player back in for an audio session.

My own personal reason not to do it is pure laziness - even though it is easy enough to do, it’s still an additional task.

Here’s are a mad idea, I’ve watched greg ondo showing recording midi and audio at the same time,I think that could just be the answer to,be able to use fx on audio or midi,but still have midi tracks easily accessible ?

This wouldn’t really make the MIDI Tracks any more or less accessible than just recording the MIDI.

Faur enough, I just thought it looked good lol