Should I use flows here?

Hey, getting more comfortable with Dorico 3,5.
I am rewriting this orchestral part in Dorico, and I don’t quite get, what should I use for the headings. (Screenshot included) I could not figure out, how to align the flow headings like that, nor could I figure out, if I should even bother with flows. Thanks. (And sorry for the bad explanation)

I wouldn’t use flow headers here, as there’s no easy way to position them as if they were staff labels. Instead, I would use System text (Alt-Shift-X) and drag it into place. You can use the offset values in the properties panel to get a consistent position between layouts. You’ll also need to indent the beginning of each flow.

But yes, you should absolutely use flows. Just hide flow headers.

Alright, thank you, that worked very well. Also, on an unrelated note, is it possible to have rehearsal marks as letters and as bar numbers in the same project?

Yes, by selecting the rehearsal marks and changing them via the properties panel.

Thank you so much!