Should I wait to update to C12?

I haven’t purchased the upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro yet, but I would very much like to. However, as I read this, I ask myself, whether I should better wait two or three weeks, until all the dust has settled and things are sorted out?! Any advice?

not to be negative, but it is gonna take way more than 2-3 weeks to get a stable Cubase 12. I have been fiddling around with v12 this weekend and have 14 crash dumps in my log so far. (but even more crashes) and that is not including my problem to even start the app on one of my 2 computers.

If you are in the need of rock-solid stability better stick to what you got for quite a while still. For me, while the crashes are annoying, I am enjoying getting into the new stuff. Learning as I go along. There are, and will probably still be some problems going forward for a while yet.

I just make sure I have a short autosave interval with many backups and I will mostly be fine.

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Hmm, lots of crashes - that doesn’t sound good… Are you on Windows or Mac?

Any stories from Windows users? I’m still on Windows 10 (w/ most recent updates), but probably I’m upgrading to Windows 11. Any Cubase 12 experiences with Windows 11 already?

I have not had one crash since install. Everything installed smoothly. I’m on a MacBook Pro i9 16g running macOS Catalina 10.15.7. I am more testing right now and working through the new features. Look on YouTube for Cubase 12 new features and decide.

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Yes, because the new USB licensing is rubbish. You still need an elicenser for your content so the ideal that you are somehow dongleless is bull. All they have done is restrict everyone to three machine WITH an elicenser. They seem to think no one will notice…

I am on Windows 11 with what is historical rock-solid RME drivers on an AMD machine which is extremely reliable on Cubase 11. I did a lot of work this weekend logging quite a few hours, so not even a crash an hour.

but like I said, don’t go into Cubase 12 in 2 weeks and be surprised if you get crashes. All in all, I am happy about the update. IT will be great once Steinberg get a little more time.

If you use Halion or Groove Agent among a few other programs you must also still use the dongle,

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Yeah, probably better to wait for Steinberg to supply the first CB 12 patch…
Thanks for your feedback!


The problem is: I’m like a little child just before chrismas, when a major new software version comes out :wink: I can’t await to play around with the new features…

So buy it, play, and work in it later.


Basically, I am just waiting some genius comes up with some script for Push 2 and I will jump on C12 straight away. In meantime, Cubase 11 and Ableton 10 are just fine for me.
Not extremely rushed .

Use Shove :wink: and stay on CB11.

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so push has come to shove, eh? :wink:


Silence and Sound

Using Shove with Ableton Push 2 and Cubase – Silence and Sound


cool .

Use Shove :wink: and stay on CB11.

……and CC121 with Ableton

I though about it. But I am sure soon or late someone will come up with a great idea for Push 2 in Cubase 12. Again, I will patiently wait.

A profitable venture.

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Definitely wait until things settle town - I’m going to wait for the first point release, and until the licensing upgrade issues are sorted.

I’m on Cubase 10.5 and still waiting …