Should internal MIDI be perfect?

I am sure I am going mad.

Say for example I have a VST plugin that generates MIDI like AudioModern Riffer and I select the Riffer output as the MIDI input on a virtual instrument shouldn’t the timing always be perfect?

I swear that I used to be able to do this and the timing was always spot on however high the buffer but now I get latency and timing drifts and all sorts of weird behaviour.

Have I accidently changed a setting somewhere or something or is my memory playing tricks on me and internally routed MIDI was always prone to latency and I must have been working at a really low buffer setting.

The timing should always be perfect as per your description.

So, I guess more details are needed what exactly is going on on your machine. And don’t be shy with screenshots.

That’s quite a relief to have that confirmed, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me!

I shall investigate further when I get a chance and report back.