Should it be that VCAs are part of the same mechanic as Fader/Channel Linking? Why is this?

Shouldn’t VCAs be separate from channel/fader linking?

It becomes problematic if say, you have two mono stereo linked channels like drum overheads, in which you want to put a VCA across all the drum tracks.

Although I appreciate having the choice in instances being able to add a VCA during the process of linking channels/faders - this isn’t always.

Am I wrong on this?

I don’t see the problem VCA’s can control linked channels and other VCA’s.
You just have to be mindful what channels you add to a VCA, you may only want to just add one channel of a series of linked channels.

Hmm, whatever you just last said confused me.

New VCAs cannot control already linked channels because VCAs are part of the link protocol and you can only have one link.


I cannot add a VCA to all 6 of these channels without breaking the OHL/R link.

I guess this is a point scored for using stereo tracks instead of dual mono…

I might be wrong on the linked channels being able to be in a VCA. I’m not in front of a computer right now.
But VCA can definitely be nested, I haven’t used linked channels much since we got VCA.
Put the OH in a VCA and add it to a overall drum VCA will work.