Should music also look perfect?

Hi all,

I am writing some music for musicians to play using MIDI notes and samples.

Now that I have upgraded my computer I can run more programs and play more sounds but I tend to have a habit of moving notes so that they “look good” and forget that I am using a sequencer (Cubase is the best BTW) and not a musical instrument so things like volumes can never be perfect on when a note starts or finishes.

I guess perfection is reached when you are scoring but the piano roll, drum map are quite indespensible in this day and age of ready made music and custom feel so I suppose it might be time to learn about how instruments are actually played.


No it should not look perfect imo, because it ‘sounds’ too perfect!..I actually program in slightly lagging or rushed notes & mistakes that I think humans would do.

Aloha s,

If your musicians are ‘on the clock’ which means they are ‘sight reading’
then the better your score looks, the easier it will be for them to play.
Which means fewer takes and less $$$ spent on studio time.

If time is not an issue (they can have the score for a period of time
prior the the recording date) it won’t matter as much.
By then they will for all intent and purpose already have learned it.

Good Luck!