should my performance meter still be in the red?

Just finished re install of everything…got a mega fast puter…got C7.0.6…so should my performance meter be maxing out still?

this happening with anyone?


IMHO no!

Have tried ‘muckin’ with your buffer settings?

If you mean the buffer settings of the Yammie N8 (excuse my ignorance if there are other buffer settings) then no I haven’t…so I will have a “muck” about with them now…should they go up or down? thanks…Kevin

Higher buffer settings should give you a lower reading on the ASIO meter and allow you to run more plugins. You haven’t said what kind of project you are running when the meter is maxed out? Is it a very big project with many tracks/plugins etc.

thanks for looking in…
I never have more than 25/30 tracks…at the mo I have 14 tracks my buffer is set at 512 , I’m using 5 instances of an SSL channel (drums) 2 instances of PCM reverb, 6 instances of Ozone EQ, 2 instances of REDD and 2 API compressors…

I’d be very gobsmacked if that was too much for the puter that I have…Kevin

Is it always pegged? Or is it just a quick spike? There is a project spike that happens that you should be able to reset.

not sure…just seems like every time I look at it it’s red and I have to click it off…so I suppose it’s not always pegged…
it’s not red at the moment but this afternoon I’ve clicked it off 8 times…maybe it’s nothing…would just like to be doin stuff properly, I’ve always had trouble with levels and what not…slow learner because I’m too busy trying to get songs recorded, maybe I need to find a production course or somethning !! thanks for the help…Kevin

Yeah, I think it is just project spiking, which I have bitched about before, because it renders that indicator useless.

OK that’s good news…just thought it was me doin something wrong again…thanks for the input…Kevin