Should Steinberg do what VEP does for multiple licenses?

Reading a current thread about replacing a lost/stolen eLicense, this got me thinking of a more extensive solution & capability for the license … which could be part of Steinbergs replacement solution, as well as a solution for those with multiple systems…for back up, redundancy and for use with VST System Link users…

With Vienna Ensemble Pro, you are given I think 3 licenses with your purchase to use among your multiple machines. What if Steinberg included TWO (or even three) licenses along with your Cubase purchase, BUT with CONDITIONS :exclamation: :question: :bulb:

Now what could those condition be? For starters my 1st thoughts are…

In a VST System Link set up, or in a studio with multiple DAWs for backup and/or redundancy purposes, the eLicense dongles could ‘communicate’ with each other when using TWO systems simultaneously.

And so that the user couldn’t be able to share their dongles with friends (at least any more than is possible now) make it so that only the FIRST dongle can only be used ‘by itself’ … the 2nd dongle, being ‘official’ should allow only YOU to be able to use THAT when/if your 1st dongle is lost/stolen, and Steinberg should give you INSTANT access to their site to allow you to be up and running immediately :exclamation: :bulb:

What are your thoughts about this, or anything to add to this idea? users? moderators?

This is a completely different animal, the whole point of VEP is running it on a separate machine(s) (although you don’t have to) to utilize a multi computer setup.

Yes, but that wasn’t quite what I was getting at, I know VEP is designed to USE with multiple computers. I wasn’t necessarily comparing or anything. I was thinking of multiple licensing, and users who have the need or desire to have Cubase installed on multiple systems for the reasons I’ve stated above, and for reasons of having back ups etc :slight_smile:

Ok, for clarity let’s set aside the VEP thing for a moment…

Looking at the price of the current version of Cubase, I can see some of the best deals available for it are reasonable. I have no idea at all how much an ‘extra licenses’ costs…does anyone know? But what if Steinberg began actually ‘including’ a 2nd license? There are those who can use a 2nd one, for whatever their own specific reasons are. Unlike VEP, Cubase may not be ‘specifically’ designed to make use of multiple computers per say, but with their VST System Link, it does have that feature/capability.

After all, I GOT this idea from reading many posts over time about people wanting/needing a 2nd license, 2nd spare dongle etc. I didn’t totally pull this idea out of thin air, just expanded upon it. Steinberg would have to consider the ramifications. And sure, I’m betting MOST Cubasers probably don’t specifically have a need for multiple licenses. And maybe their current solution of having those who need it by ‘buying a 2nd license’ is good enough… for them anyway. I may be way off because of not knowing how much subsequent licenses cost…but judging on the ‘countless’ discussions of the proposal of buying one, it appears that it’s seen as cost prohibitive! If it wasn’t cost prohibitive, this whole thought would be a moot point.

The other thing is, most Cubasers have multiple previous versions to use, just for say VST System Link at least. But for those who need to have the ‘same’ version when using multiple systems in other scenarios, that’s different.