Should Steinberg improve the starting time of Cubase?

Should Steinberg improve the starting time of Cubase?

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Hello everyone,
there’s something extremely annoys me about Cubase. The start time is much too slow. I do not know if this is so only with me because I have my laptop completely pumped full with data. Although I realize that the required license calling on the e-Licenser takes some time, but I think it’s bad that when I have an idea for a sound then to have to wait 1-2 minutes. this really deteriorated the workflow greatly. but maybe as I said is this not as that is with you, because I also use a lot of plug-ins / or better got a lot to load to in Cubase. in a previous thread(german forum), I had already described the ploblem that you can´t activate an external master MIDI keyboard in Cubase after starting Cubase or that Cubase reecieve MIDI-signals that sends this, and so it is for me always a huge stress, if I forget again to connect the master keyboard before the session start or if I do too much pressure of work at my usb-hub, the hub will turn off during the session, then I have the project with all the files, loading presets and plugins, noticing only then oh, yes, the master keyboard is not connecting. : Shock: again finish the whole set and Cubase restart (but now with the activated MIDI keyboard, of cause) that is certainly one of the things that personally makes me lawn because you will not only lose a lot of time, but also with this all of your nerves. for the actual session. I would like Steinberg for the next version of Cubase (9?) that their developers sit together with the engineers who developed the e-Licenser-technology, assemble and develop a significantly faster start in Cubase . if they wont work that out, i probably must think about, to get another second basic-sequencer. a good example for this is FL Studio, where the start to the program only requires a few seconds. Clear, Cubase is without question of better and more powerful sequencer, but that brings me everything nothing if I have an inspiration and really wants to arrange immediately .---- i dont know if youve got the same problems, but i got it alot, and it makes me tired
Thankx to all

hi maybe it’s an issue with your installation. Just loaded here in 25 seconds. One tip if you haven’t already is to disable the ‘Hub’ from loading. I used to get 8 and 8.5 hanging on that quite a bit so turned it off.

Raz, are loading a project during the launch or launching the app solely?

the more plugins that I have installed, the longer time it takes. Takes only about 5-6 seconds in my case

Using Windows Defender as your av software?

Bingo, the more plugins are installed, the longer it takes.
A fresh install with no 3rd PTY VSTi’s loads superfast.

You also need to exclude all Cubase and VST folder from scanning with Defender. Made a huge difference here!