Show a minor chord with a lowercase character?

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When I want to define the key of a piece the system accepts the symbol g for g minor. But when I want to add chords the system changes the g into a G. It insists on the input of Gm. Why? I would very much like to be able to see as few characters as possible in a chord symbol, i.e. g7 instead of Gm7.
Is this or will this be possible?
Thank you.

Already discussed

But now theoretically possible, as of version 1.1.10, released just yesterday.

I believe it’s not possible to INPUT the way you’ve described, but it should be possible to OUTPUT as you’d like, by editing the chord display in the graphical chord editor.

Hi Karel,

May I offer a friendly English tip? What you refer to is more properly called a “lowercase” character. An Underscore is the following symbol _

It might even help to rename the thread for the sake of others.

Feel free to correct my Dutch, though you probably won’t know where to start. I certainly don’t :wink:


Derrek: thank you for the reference. I had searched with the wrong keywords (underscore)
Pianoleo: yes, thanks, although it takes a lot of extra keystrokes. One customization for Gm to g, another for Gm7 to g7 etc.
Beechside: Thank you, I don’t know what went wrong in my head. Renamed.