Show accidentals in a scale with key signature?

I’m writing an execise for a student which runs thro’ all the kesy and I want to show the accidentals in a scale but also show the key signature. I see you can use the ‘show / hide’’ button in bottom pane for individual notes, but I’ve already got each flow copied from the Key of C and transposed. If I insert the correct key signature now, most of the accidentals disappear. I don’t want to have to go thro’ by hand altering all the ones that disappeared.

Transposing (or altering the key center) removes all the manual accidental show/hide properties.

The good news is that the upcoming minor update (2.2.10 I think, in early February) will include the option of assigning a key command to show/hide an accidental. So it’ll certainly be a lot faster.

Thanks dankreider