"Show across full system" affects instrument changes—could it not?

When the layout option “Show extra staves across full system when starting or stopping” is switched on, instrument changes in the score get messed up as well, see attached screenshot. Vib has no notes on this system, but as it’s “starting” halfway through it, it shows up as a complete, separate staff, which I can’t even hide with Staff Visibility because it’s in the same player as the crotales. And all throughout the score I am faced with similar messes.

Would you be so kind as to create a minimal project that reproduces this problem and attach it here?

Of course! It’s a combination of not hiding empty staves (because I always want a percussion stave to be there in the score) with the aforementioned “Show across full system” setting. The latter is switched on in my project for unrelated reasons concerning some vocal staves, and will be a pain to work around—I’d likely have to merge pages of different PDFs together.

instrument change demo.dorico (391.9 KB)

You could untick “Allow Instrument changes” perhaps.


Sorry, not an option at all. In the actual score I have two percussionists with about a dozen instruments each, as well as extensive woodwind doubling. I really need both Instrument Changes and “Show across full system” in the same layout, without them interfering.

Just to throw my encounter with this problem into the thread; I’m using the show extra stave across full system setting to add and remove vocal staves when needed, and as the OP experienced, it makes instrument changes somewhat unusable.