Show ALL Recorded Automation [Track Selection]

While I think Cubase has come leaps and bounds to catch up with other manufacturers in terms of it’s automation functionality, there are a few niggling points that would really help with the overall experience in my humble opinion:

  1. Would it be possible to make ANY tool acceptable as a starting point for inputting automation nodes? I find the fact that I have to choose the pencil tool, before I can input a point, incredibly irritating, merely hovering over the automation line should be enough for me to input a point.

2.Would it be possible to have only the actual lanes that contain automation as a filter option? When a project starts to get very automation heavy, the fact that the automation always defaults to volume and mute makes scrolling through to find the recently recorded automation, time consuming and inefficient; I would like an option to SHOW ALL AUTOMATION [Selected Tracks] as a one click drop down option/key command, this could be scaled to include selected tracks only, so very quickly, automation across mutliple tracks could be edited and viewed.

  1. This would also tie in nicely with the ability to select and edit multiple Automation lanes simultaneously, much like folder tracks.


something implemented which i like is “reveal paratemer on write” in automation panel. Might be useful for you.

generally i do agree that automation editing should be easier and improved.

for your Q
1:its possible to enter automation points with selection tool, also draw with the line tool(with all forms :straight line triangle etc…)

2:right click on a track,u have option: show used automation for selected tracks(also from automation panel,and can be a assigned to key command if needed)

3:partially can be done, at least as i know… by selecting automation points on diferent lens while holding cntl and moving the white shaded controls it moves all selected automation points

Thanks !

Thanks Mozizo! I’ll check that out

1: just use the alt modifier key to momentarily switch the selection tool to a pencil tool to draw seamless automation events (unless you had changed this behaviour in preferences to another modifier key); a simple LMB click sans any modifier key is enough to enter an automation point.

2: Automation > Show All Used Automation / Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks) within keycommands is not what you’re asking for? i have this macro’d together with a project logical editor script that then selects all the automation lanes (and only those), so that i can easily vertically scale their heights all at once.

3: also try control/command AND alt. you get different results depending on which modifier keys you are holding whilst editing automation events selected across different automation lanes. experiment with it. i don’t think it’s documented anywhere.