Show all staves?

  1. In a piece I just completed the Score appears to be hiding Staves that have no activity on them?

How do I make sure ALL staves are always shown?

  1. I would like the Bar Numbers to be automatically set to the Left of, or even Centred on the Clef Signs?

Can this be done?

Many thanks

Can we just first please verify how you opened the Score Editor?..
Did you just select multiple MIDI Tracks (some of which didn’t have any MIDI Parts on them)? If so, then what you describe is normal. For a staff to appear in the score, there has to be a MIDI Part for it, even if the MIDI Part itself is empty.
If you did all that correctly, then I’ll have to have another think :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I would like the Bar Numbers to be automatically set to the Left of, or even Centred on the Clef Signs

Score Settings menu (or the “I” icon in the extended toolbar)>Project pane>“Notation Style”>Bar Numbers>
Two things to do…

  1. Show every “First Bar” (or can type “0”)
  2. First Bar Number to Barline (checkmarked)
    You can further refine this by
    Project pane>Spacings>First Bar Number - Horizontal offset (and, of course, vertical too, if you wish :wink:.

Sorry for the delay in responding!

Many thanks for the Tips!

Apart from some Lyrics disappearing of their own accord and UN-hiding some elements everything is far better now!

I’ll try the Manual for Un-Hiding but the disappearing Lyrics I probably need more help?

Many thanks again!

The lyrics are attached to specific notes in the note layer. So say you have a piano, bass and vocal part and have the lyrics attached to notes in the vocal part. If you select all the parts and open them in the Score Editor you will see the lyrics. But if you only open the piano part in the Score Editor you won’t see the lyrics, but if you open the vocal part alone they will be there.

Thanks raino!
I am having a loss of Lyrics under some Notes?

I’ll have to re-check the voicings?

Many thanks for your input!

How do you mean “some Lyrics disappearing of their own accord”?
What is happening, in what circumstances?

I type in the Lyrics and complete them & save the work, but when I opened it again some of the Lyrics had gone?

I’ll re-type the missing ones & see if they are retained?

Thanks for asking!

Much appreciated!

BTW, where can I discover the added features of Cubase 7? (I am using 6)