Show (and analyse) intervals?

Any ideas, please, how to display intervals (as numbers). Certainly melodic, ideally harmonic in Dorico 3 ‘temporarily’, Write Mode, Galley?

Largely sent taught, I am paying particular attention to enharmonic spelling in what I write at the moment. For greater readability by players; and to follow the more idiomatic conventions - particularly adjusting/correcting those intervals which had better be re-spellt: Major and minor etc in preference to augmented and diminished.

In the long run I know that, the more I write, the more recognising intervals quickly will be come automatic.

But in the mean time…

I am aware of the Add Intervals Popover, of course. I’ve searched this forum and the docs; so I ask forgiveness if I’ve missed a simple way to do in Dorico something like that which the two Analyze Intervals plug-ins by Roman Molino Dunn do in Sibelius.

If not, anyone any suggestions, please, as to how intervals can be shown on the staff next to notes.


I recall (at age thirteen) my theory/harmony teacher handing out sheets of intervals in all clefs and of all types and then calling upon us to identify random examples. At that age, it was terrifying, but before I started Piston’s Harmony, I sure as shootin’ knew those intervals. He had made sure we figured out how to spot ID just about anything.

I am so grateful for that training now (especially now that it’s over :wink: )

Thanks, Derrek! Yes, I am - and have been - doing that as well.

What you’re saying, I think, is that I would get more benefit from really learning them once and for all than relying on a ‘crib’. Yes? If so, I hear you…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I came here just to see if there was a quick way to do this. I know my intervals, but for counterpoint homework, I was hoping to just quickly select everything and have the interval numbers populate.

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No, there’s no automatic solution I can think of.

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